Our Story

Hi there, I’m Shantae

I believe in wellness for all aspects of your life - from emotional to spiritual to financial.

After the birth of my son in 2020 and my wellness walk closer to God, I realized that there is no spiritual wellness without it being Christ-centered.

Wellness is not wholly I-centered, it's Christ-centered, which led me to the creation of Agape Co. (Agape).

I learned that wellness is a journey and not a destination, and I want to assist other individuals on their own wellness journey too.

Agape was intentionally curated and made with a signature scent

The Agape oil is a blend that was first used as an anointing oil, then later as a multipurpose oil used on the face, body, nails.

The oil contains 5 core essential oils: olive oil, bergamot oil, apricot kernel oil, vitamin E oil and ceylon oil.

This specially curated Agape multipurpose oil blend has a signature scent, similar to that of Valentine's Day cinnamon heart candy.

Agape values are built on:


Agape is an intentional wellness company. We are a purpose-led brand built on the solid foundation of Christian faith in Christ and God’s promises. We aim to share the good news.


At Agapē, we believe in the power of love and that no person is an island. So we created the Soul Care Community, designed with purpose, to be a reminder of God's love we work to build community with other people.

Natural, Clean and Sustainable Array of Products

We offer a unique range of wellness products. All of our products are 100% natural, sustainably sourced and hand-made. We do not mass produce our products to maintain it’s integrity and proprietary formulations. We prioritize wellness and creating 100% clean and pure products.

  • Sight

    Through visual uplifting, scripture

  • Scent/Smell

    Through the soft, delicate scent of our Multi-Purpose Body Oil

  • Touch

    Through the soft, light and deep moisturizing Multi-Purpose Body Oil

  • Hearing

    Sounds from our Wellness Suite sound collection on Spotify

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Agape Mission

Agape offers natural and hand-made products that have an interest in the four dimensions of wellness so that they can develop more intentional practices based on small intentional everyday choices. Unlike other competitors, we offer a variety of simple and unique ways to intentionally reach the four dimensions of wellness with a brand rooted in faith and sustainability.  We support our customers to feel their best every step of the way of their wellness journey with our vast array of wellness products.

  • Spiritual Wellness

    Spiritual strength is that force, Christ, that drives us to make sacrifices for others, our nation, the greater good.

  • Emotional Wellness

    Emotional wellness refers to building awareness of and accepting your own and others’ feelings and moods.

  • Physical Wellness

    Movement and activity to work towards being your best physical self whatever that means for you within your capacity.

  • Social Wellness

    No man (or woman) is an island. We were made for togetherness and community with one another. Social wellness is the impact of you and your actions within your community, society and nature.

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The Soul Care Suite by Agape

A free, open wellness space and community for our members to highlight, nurture and enhance their wellness in all dimensions through the simple acronym, H.A.L.T.