Step 1

Store all your Agape product empties to get them ready to ship and see the closest recycling facility to you.

Nearest Recycle Facility

Step 2

Contact us here to receive your free shipping label. If the shipping facility is within walking distance, to maintain our sustainability promise, we encourage you to walk to the facility nearest to you.

Get your shipping label


Package and ship your empties to us for recycling.


Receive a $20 e-gift card as a thank you, to assist you to restock your favourites.

The Agape recycle program is only available in Canada and the US.

All Agape products are eligible for our recycling program with the exception of sample sizes (e.g. – deluxe sample tubes).

Some of our products need to be rinsed prior to being submitted for recycling. Please refer to each specific product page for more information on how to prepare your Agape products for recycling.

All Agape cosmetic products are eligible for our Recycling program, regardless of where purchased. Please note that we have a *maximum gift card allotment of $100 per month for our recycling program.

Your e-gift card will be sent via email 5 business days after your empties have been delivered to us.

The recycling e-gift card does not expire and can be used towards your next purchase on